Feb. 12th, 2011

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Well I've been strangely quiet so I figured I'd post and ramble and whatnot.  I've been positively buried in fic, but I've written nothing the past two days.  A bit of overload, I think.  I have started my Valentine's Day fic, and I've got a good idea of the whole thing.  I'm fairly certain I can get it written today.  Hubby is getting tattooed today, so he'll be out of the house for about five hours or so.  I plan to spend lots of that time ficcing.  Ideally, I can get it written tonight, edit again tomorrow, and start on the next "Forever" chapter.  I feel terrible about going so long in between chapters for that one. Usually one week in the absolute maximum amount of time I wait.  After that, I need to finish the last chapter of "Whiteout."  After THAT I really need to finish my smutty "Christening the Flat" fic... then back to "Forever," and then perhaps I can have a go at finishing PrehistoricCat's body swapping fic (although I wish SHE'd finish it.)  I still have a few other things I'd like to write... I had planned a fic based on the "Persistence" drabbles, one more fic where I killed Jack off horribly, and a 'Honeymoon in Vegas' fic for Alice-land after I finish "Forever."  I had a dirty little bunny about a trip to England for Alice and Hatter where they encountered a certain couple... but I am having trouble with my Hatter sharing.  His psyche simply wouldn't allow that.  However... I could  imagine all four of them getting it on in the same room, and enjoying a live action porn.  I don't know how that would play out, but I think it could still be hot.  Thoughts?

Life is life,at the moment.  My old section got me an incredible going away gift, and I'm touched beyond belief.  It wouldn't do to let them see it though.  They got me a bullwhip and mounted it in a shadowbox with a plaque.  Cool, eh?  It'll look suitably intimidating hanging over my hatbox in my new office (once I get it.)  My hatbox is a glass case with my Smokey hat in it from when I was a MTI (drill sergeant to the layman- I taught basic training.)  So far, my shadowing has consisted of me actually filling in.  Our 1st Sgt. has been out all week... Ive learned a lot, but I'm going to go nuts simply folloing someone around until I go to 1st Sgt. school in September.  Promotion results will be out March 10th, so we'll see if I get another stripe.  I'm doubtful.  Our secretary screwed up and a medal I was supposed to get didn't happen in time to be included for my promotion consideration so I'm missing out on points I desperately needed.  It's SUPER unusual to make this particular promotion the first time.  It's only 2% of the Air Force to begin with, and out of the people that do make it, average is on the 4th or 5th try.  Furious that someone's incompetence is fucking me over.  I can apply for supplemental consideration (once my medal has been awarded,) so hopefully I can make it that go around, but it's a lot of work to apply, and a longer wait to find out. *sigh*

Wow.  I guess I had some things to say.  OK, back to ficcing.  



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