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I thought it was a good idea to finally do a Masterlist of some sort to organize my fics.  Yeah?  Here she be. All stories are T-rated unless title (or chapter) is followed by an (M)

Masterlist behind the Cut )

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Title: Trust Is
Author:  [info]casy_dee
Rating: T
Genre: angst, action, and some sweetness
Characters/Pairing: Abby/Connor, whole team
Spoilers: Season 5
Part: 2/3
Summary:  This is part two of a Secret Santa fic for [info]squirt12345

A/N: Set after Connor confronts Abby for breaking into his lab. Oh, and it was Christmas time. Yeah. Go with it.

Part One can be found HERE

Part Two is Under the Cut! )

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Title: Trust Is
Author:  [info]casy_dee
Rating: T
Genre: angst, action, and some sweetness
Characters/Pairing: Abby/Connor
Spoilers: Season 5
Part: 1/3
Summary:  This is part one of a Secret Santa fic for [ profile] squirt12345 I'm afraid it got away from me a little bit and turned into something I hadn't quite intended. Muse would not be denied. I do hope you enjoy! Don't worry, I'll deliver on the other part of your request at the end. ;-) Trust the author. Prompts: Buying/Exchanging Presents, Unwanted guest(s), 'Special' gift, "Curiosity killed the cat."

A/N: Set after Connor confronts Abby for breaking into his lab. Oh, and it was Christmas time. Yeah. Go with it.

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Dec. 8th, 2011 10:01 pm
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YAY! Just popping in quickly to say I FINALLY heard back on my story. I think it's been moved on to the copy editor... at least that was the information on the signature element of the person that just e-mailed me my story back with some more edits. Good news? Very few edits.  A couple of line-throughs, some formatting, and some underlining. Essentially the same as in last pass of editing. YAY!  Maybe this damn thing will get published in this millennium.  Ok. Back to the studying. *sigh*
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Hi LJ world!  I am not dead, but I do have my head firmly planted in my promotion study guide, and it will not pop out until Dec 13 after I test. I'm way behind this year, and I'm not even allowing myself more than about 15 min of leisure non-study time a day. Haven't been checking my friends page or the comms... primarily just checking my inbox with the occasional foray into a page every now and then. 

Anyway, I MISS ya'll. See you soon. Promise.

Meme: WiP

Oct. 20th, 2011 07:46 pm
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WIP Fic meme, stolen from [info]prehistoriccat. I will post the file names of all my current WIPs (not necessarily the title of the fic itself just what its called on my computer), however random and incomplete they are....

In the comments, name one and I'll post a teaser from it.... then you can wave pom poms etc etc etc

Very short because I never work more than two things at once.

My list:

1. AoD novel--- 6 chapters
2. barely started "Forever" Wedding night Missing Reel. Might not be finishing this since interest in reading this series/pairing has waned

Docket is a wee bit bigger, but am going to have to start studying for promotion again. Test is Dec 13th.

1. Finishing [ profile] prehistoriccat 's body swap fic
2. Conby secret santa fic
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Title: Years Gone By
Author: [info]casy_dee 
Rating: T

Characters/Pairing: Connor/Abby

Spoiler: Series 1-4
Warning:  none
Genre: romance, hurt/comfort
Words: 974

Summary:   This is in honor of my friend [ profile] prehistoriccat.

"Years Gone By" is Benieth the Cut )


Sep. 6th, 2011 06:55 pm
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I'm offline for a few. Internet shut off until we get to Alabama. Heading out in morning! My phone is my only link to the rest of the world. :)


Aug. 25th, 2011 08:39 pm
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Ok, so working very hard on the next "Hatters Take Vegas" chapter. I'm about done, actually. I'm itching to get back on Novel.

Hope to hear back from my editor on the short story soon. Kinda bummed she hasn't bothered to look at it even though I was ahead of deadline. Now I'm going to be working edits right when I have the least time to do so. Grrr.

Hey, [ profile] tay_21 welcome back. Hope you aren't driven insane by the new school year! Breathe deep. You've missed a lot of lovely birthday fics we wrote for [ profile] prehistoriccat (to include mine, lol.) I think you'll like it whenever you get a chance to read.

My dad is coming into town tomorrow and he'll stay til Wednesday. I think it will be a big help with Spawn considering the movers are coming next week. Not fun with a two yr old. Still haven't sold the house. *cries quietly in the corner*

OK... back to work. Hatter is dangling by his fingertips, here. He needs me to write him out of this.

Fic: Stay

Aug. 17th, 2011 10:29 pm
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Title: Stay
Author: [info]casy_dee 
Rating: T

Spoiler: Series 1-3
Warning:  none, incredibly enough
romance, hurt/comfort
Words: 3,107

  This is a birthday fic for the fabulous [ profile] prehistoriccat! Prompt is at the bottom author note. This is set at series three, just prior to the appearance of Jack. Hope you like, and happy birthday! (A wee bit early, but I wanted it for her first thing in the a.m.) 


"Stay" is under the cut )



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Hi! Excellent birthday today. I was so thrilled to get my birthday fics. :) I got a little bit of everything, and all of them awesome. Yay! Thanks sooooo much. *hugs*

And we finally got some rain, and my son slept til 9 this morning. Yay!

Also finished my tattoo today, and guess what... he gave me this session for FREE! He said Happy Birthday. :)  Clicky the images to see them bigger. The detail is incredible. I can't wait to see it all healed up. This was about 3 hours of sitting, that was one hell of a birthday gift.

Anyways, back to work on birthday fic for Cat. :) I've got about 1.5K into it, and I'm thinking I'll be done by tomorrow night. Woohoo, for ahead of schedule.

I'm seriously giggling on the reviews for "The Hatters" because they keep talking about how Alice is fully capable of taking care of herself, and I'm remembering how little they developed our Alice in "Alice." I guess it says good things that people like her enough to berate me in my version, eh? Ah, they'll see next chapter. I'd never allow her to be a fainting damsel in distress.

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LOVE these shoes. love. Shoe-gasm type love.

Ok, anyway... Posted a new chapter of "The Hatter's Take Las Vegas" finally. Yay! Now I  just have to write [ profile] prehistoriccat 's birthday fic, and get back to cracking on AoD novel, and then go back to finish up the last chapter(s) of "Hatters."

Had an open house today, and I think it went well. Realtor was talking about staging the house if it didn't sell soon, and I had to remind her that the movers are picking my things up on Aug 29-Sep 1st. Staging is not happening. Damn house needs to sell. I don't think she quite gets it. I HAVE to move, and if I don't sell, I just have to pay for two residences somehow. Likely result? I can afford it for more than one month, at which point I would have to give it back to the bank and just cry. If it doesn't sell by Sep 1st, the price is going down to the point where it just covers costs. SELL, LADY, SELL!

Ah. Anyway. New chapter is done. And I have pretty shoes.

New tattoo

Jul. 30th, 2011 10:14 pm
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She's not done yet, but here's 4 hours worth of work I had done today. :) Owie.


Jul. 29th, 2011 06:46 pm
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Soooo. My mom actually came to pick up Magnus for the weekend, so that's a good thing. We finally got to go see Harry Potter and it was reaaaallllyyyy good. I get my phoenix tattoo (part 1) tomorrow, and I sure hope it's good.

Finishing up my current chapter on Novel (codename:AoD) and then I'll be back on "The Hatters Take Las Vegas."  I'm thrilled with the response on chapter one! Squeee! I guess everyone missed reading them as much as I missed writing them. :)

Now if I can just sell my house.

Oh, And Clicky for a funny (Beware of Writer)

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So I have a bit of fic news, a bit of real world news. Fic news, the first chapter of "The Hatters Take Las Vegas" is up. Yay! Deadline met. Original fic news, "The Turning Away" is still with the editor. Haven't heard back from her. I'm hoping she's not waiting until the deadline she gave me to check her mailbox. End of August? Geez, I'm faster than that. *grins* I'll be in the midst of a move and getting ready to go to 1st Sergeant school at that time, so I really hope she checks it and gets back to me soon. Last bit of news, my assignment got diverted. I'm now going to be going to school in Alabama in September, and then moving to my new assignment in Biloxi, Mississippi in October after I graduate... unless the house sells before then. If that happens, then Boomer and Magnus will move down to Mississippi and I'll join them after school. It made things a lot more complicated, but the area is nice. Loads of restaurants and shopping, so I'm in heaven. There's just that little problem with hurricanes...
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Well, I started it. Oh, how I've missed my Hatter. :) About 600 words in; not too shabby. My brain needed a break from Novel. Honeymoon in Vegas or The Hatters Take Sin City or whatever-the-hell I decide to call t is officially in progress.
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Title: Solace
Author: [info]casy_dee 
Spoiler: minor s4
Warning:  Smut!
romance, hurt/comfort
Words: 1,700

  They've survived the Cretaceous, they've survived Philip Burton,  but can Abby bring Connor back to himself after what he's suffered through? 
This is the smutty Missing Reel for my fic titled "Grant me Asylum," but can be read as a stand-alone if you'd just like a wee bit of smuttage. 

If you missed "Grant Me Asylum," here it is:

Chapter 1 is Here

Chapter 2 is Here
Chapter 3 is Here
"Solace" is Behind the Cut )

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Yay! I finished a smut fic! Yay! It's in rough form and it'll need a serious edit tomorrow, but the Missing Reel for "Grant Me Asylum" is done. Yay!

Next up is "Christening the Flat" -- Living room edition.

After that is Hatter Honeymoon fic... in between working on the Psychopomp novel. I actually have a metric shit-ton of research into that, plus about a 1.2K words into the first chapter. I even have a rough outline, lol.

Got a really sweet review on for "Beautiful" today... it re-energized my Hatter/Alice muse.

Still waiting to hear back from my editor on "The Turning Away." *bites nails*

Speaking of research... Anyone have more intel on Hindu demon-worship? No? Ok, then.
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Just because they're pretty... some SPOILERY screencaps of some awesome moments, S5E5  :)

Pretties Behind the cut! )


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