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Heehee! Hubby and I got some good deals on clearance hats. Spouse now has four new fedoras and I got a new brown fedora and a cute cloche.

I have about 600 words towards "christening the flat" fic, but I think muse might have got a wee bit crushed.  Eeep.  I am trucking away on chapter 37 of 'Forever'.  Writing out a scene that came to me like a movie... those always work well, I think.  Struggling with some plotty things, but I've got a 5 mile run on the agenda today, so I'll sort it out then.

*edit* Oh, OH! And guess what?!  1,020 reviews on 'Forever'!!!!  Wow!  Last chapter not as many as usual, but it was a bit of a transatory chapter.  This one is very action-y so I have high hopes.

Very concerned with the direction Primeval is going as far as Conby storyline. I, of couse love Andrew so as long as he was on I'll watch, but I may be wincing as I do so. I think he really didn't have time to get a reaction from Burton's bomb that he dropped. He seemed shocked, but he thought he'd be able to talk him out of it. As far as his getting emotional comment... meep. I think the wrong words came out/he's supressing. Worried.

Gah, he really got me when Abby brushes him off at the end, there. After all, he covered for her and here she is cosying up to Jess when Jess sold her out. Grr. Watch his face. Go on. Awww.
(end spoiler)

Hat pics behind the cut :) )


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