Aug. 25th, 2011 08:39 pm
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Ok, so working very hard on the next "Hatters Take Vegas" chapter. I'm about done, actually. I'm itching to get back on Novel.

Hope to hear back from my editor on the short story soon. Kinda bummed she hasn't bothered to look at it even though I was ahead of deadline. Now I'm going to be working edits right when I have the least time to do so. Grrr.

Hey, [ profile] tay_21 welcome back. Hope you aren't driven insane by the new school year! Breathe deep. You've missed a lot of lovely birthday fics we wrote for [ profile] prehistoriccat (to include mine, lol.) I think you'll like it whenever you get a chance to read.

My dad is coming into town tomorrow and he'll stay til Wednesday. I think it will be a big help with Spawn considering the movers are coming next week. Not fun with a two yr old. Still haven't sold the house. *cries quietly in the corner*

OK... back to work. Hatter is dangling by his fingertips, here. He needs me to write him out of this.
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Hi! Excellent birthday today. I was so thrilled to get my birthday fics. :) I got a little bit of everything, and all of them awesome. Yay! Thanks sooooo much. *hugs*

And we finally got some rain, and my son slept til 9 this morning. Yay!

Also finished my tattoo today, and guess what... he gave me this session for FREE! He said Happy Birthday. :)  Clicky the images to see them bigger. The detail is incredible. I can't wait to see it all healed up. This was about 3 hours of sitting, that was one hell of a birthday gift.

Anyways, back to work on birthday fic for Cat. :) I've got about 1.5K into it, and I'm thinking I'll be done by tomorrow night. Woohoo, for ahead of schedule.

I'm seriously giggling on the reviews for "The Hatters" because they keep talking about how Alice is fully capable of taking care of herself, and I'm remembering how little they developed our Alice in "Alice." I guess it says good things that people like her enough to berate me in my version, eh? Ah, they'll see next chapter. I'd never allow her to be a fainting damsel in distress.

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LOVE these shoes. love. Shoe-gasm type love.

Ok, anyway... Posted a new chapter of "The Hatter's Take Las Vegas" finally. Yay! Now I  just have to write [ profile] prehistoriccat 's birthday fic, and get back to cracking on AoD novel, and then go back to finish up the last chapter(s) of "Hatters."

Had an open house today, and I think it went well. Realtor was talking about staging the house if it didn't sell soon, and I had to remind her that the movers are picking my things up on Aug 29-Sep 1st. Staging is not happening. Damn house needs to sell. I don't think she quite gets it. I HAVE to move, and if I don't sell, I just have to pay for two residences somehow. Likely result? I can afford it for more than one month, at which point I would have to give it back to the bank and just cry. If it doesn't sell by Sep 1st, the price is going down to the point where it just covers costs. SELL, LADY, SELL!

Ah. Anyway. New chapter is done. And I have pretty shoes.


Jul. 29th, 2011 06:46 pm
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Soooo. My mom actually came to pick up Magnus for the weekend, so that's a good thing. We finally got to go see Harry Potter and it was reaaaallllyyyy good. I get my phoenix tattoo (part 1) tomorrow, and I sure hope it's good.

Finishing up my current chapter on Novel (codename:AoD) and then I'll be back on "The Hatters Take Las Vegas."  I'm thrilled with the response on chapter one! Squeee! I guess everyone missed reading them as much as I missed writing them. :)

Now if I can just sell my house.

Oh, And Clicky for a funny (Beware of Writer)

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So I have a bit of fic news, a bit of real world news. Fic news, the first chapter of "The Hatters Take Las Vegas" is up. Yay! Deadline met. Original fic news, "The Turning Away" is still with the editor. Haven't heard back from her. I'm hoping she's not waiting until the deadline she gave me to check her mailbox. End of August? Geez, I'm faster than that. *grins* I'll be in the midst of a move and getting ready to go to 1st Sergeant school at that time, so I really hope she checks it and gets back to me soon. Last bit of news, my assignment got diverted. I'm now going to be going to school in Alabama in September, and then moving to my new assignment in Biloxi, Mississippi in October after I graduate... unless the house sells before then. If that happens, then Boomer and Magnus will move down to Mississippi and I'll join them after school. It made things a lot more complicated, but the area is nice. Loads of restaurants and shopping, so I'm in heaven. There's just that little problem with hurricanes...
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Well, I started it. Oh, how I've missed my Hatter. :) About 600 words in; not too shabby. My brain needed a break from Novel. Honeymoon in Vegas or The Hatters Take Sin City or whatever-the-hell I decide to call t is officially in progress.
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Yay! I finished a smut fic! Yay! It's in rough form and it'll need a serious edit tomorrow, but the Missing Reel for "Grant Me Asylum" is done. Yay!

Next up is "Christening the Flat" -- Living room edition.

After that is Hatter Honeymoon fic... in between working on the Psychopomp novel. I actually have a metric shit-ton of research into that, plus about a 1.2K words into the first chapter. I even have a rough outline, lol.

Got a really sweet review on for "Beautiful" today... it re-energized my Hatter/Alice muse.

Still waiting to hear back from my editor on "The Turning Away." *bites nails*

Speaking of research... Anyone have more intel on Hindu demon-worship? No? Ok, then.
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Okay so lots of stuff.  "Forever" is finished, finally... all 171,369 words of it (plus the smutty Missing Reels.)  Not so many reviews for the final chapter.  Kinda bummed about that, especially considering that it was 6.3K words and I put loads of work into it. *sad*

I have one chapter left on my original fic, and it is in progress.  I'm going to be fluttering my eyelashes for a few friendly betas once it's done before I get brave and send it forth to the publisher.

After that, I'm starting in on [ profile] evenstar_estel'sConby birthday fic. :)   

Ok, so the real life part.  I got picked up to go to Senior Non-Commisioned Officer Academy.  For ya'll civilian types, it a 6 1/2 week long school that is focused on upper level leadership.  I'm supposed to be learning leadership from a strategic level and all that fun stuff.  It is pretty unusual for someone like me to get to go; usually class space is reserved for those that are a rank higher than mine or are waiting to sew on the stripe for the rank higher than mine, or people that have been Master Sergeants (MSgt) for a very long time.  A portion of class space is reserved for the occasional very sharp MSgt that scored in the top 10% on the promotion test, but did not have a high enough promotion board score to actually get promoted.  That's me.  I scored higher than 95% of the people that tested, but I didn't have enough points from my records review to get me promoted. (Mostly because I have only been in 16 years and the average for the next rank is like 22 years.)

Sooo, I get a call last night.  The highest ranking enlisted guy on base (works with the base commander) had to fill a spot in this class on short notice.  He saw my name on the list of the top 10% in my career field and he knows me (because I had to interview with him for my new job and through some other work stuff) he asked if I could fill it.  Tada!  I'm in.  Class starts on Tuesday.  Yes, THIS Tuesday, and it's in Montgomery, Alabama. Luckily, I'll have internet in my room. :)  Bummer to be away from the spawn and spouse for 6 1/2 weeks though.

This is actually a very good thing for my career, and being selected means my leadership thinks I deserve promotion.  It will help me to get promoted next year, that's for sure.  Bummer about being away though.  I'm driving out on Monday... 12 hour car trip, weeeeee.  So much to do! Gah!!  
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Sooo... final chapter of "Forever" is posted.  I still have to write the epilogue to wrap things up, but it is done.  Whew.  What a ride. 165K words on this one.  I'm guessing the epilogue will be another 3K or so. I'm hopeing I've managed in the last couple of chapters to wrap up my loose ends appropriately.  I'm very proud of both "Always" and "Forever," and I think I have done well by it.  Nothing like creating your own cannon, eh?  I'm going to miss my Hatter. *sniffle*  I may have to do a honeymoon fic.

I couldn't wait to get started on my original fic.  I hated to wait as long to start as I did.  Strike when the iron is hot, and all that.  Tonight I've written 565 words, and I think it is off to a good start.  Aim is for betweem 8-10K.  Wooo!  Am excited.   Gah, and scared!
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Slow comms lately and I miss ya'll. *sad*  Well, I got my newest smutty Missing Reel posted for "Forever," and I'm quite happy with it.  I'm about 1K into "Whiteout," but Abby and Connor are refusing to get nekkid.  *sigh*

Ok, so something wierd happened.  Wierd.  I got um... scouted?  I got an e-mail from the v.p. and co-founder of a publishing company.  She explained that one of her jobs is looking for 'talent'... She read my fics, and she said they were good.  Her company is launching a literary magazine in 2012, and she wanted me to submit some of my original stuff.  So at first, I was thinking I was getting punked.  Nope. She's legit, the company is legit, and the magazine is legit.  So, wow, right?

Anywho, I'm going to be doing some 8-10K word fics and I just mght be batting my eyelashes for a few betas before I send them in.  I so completely understand if you tell me no when I ask, and it's cool.  Honest.  So... wierd.  I'm starting my novel after I work on the shorts.  They're from the backstory in my novel, so this should work well.  So.... wierd.  And exciting.  Course, I still have to sell my story, but exciting. 
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Well I've been strangely quiet so I figured I'd post and ramble and whatnot.  I've been positively buried in fic, but I've written nothing the past two days.  A bit of overload, I think.  I have started my Valentine's Day fic, and I've got a good idea of the whole thing.  I'm fairly certain I can get it written today.  Hubby is getting tattooed today, so he'll be out of the house for about five hours or so.  I plan to spend lots of that time ficcing.  Ideally, I can get it written tonight, edit again tomorrow, and start on the next "Forever" chapter.  I feel terrible about going so long in between chapters for that one. Usually one week in the absolute maximum amount of time I wait.  After that, I need to finish the last chapter of "Whiteout."  After THAT I really need to finish my smutty "Christening the Flat" fic... then back to "Forever," and then perhaps I can have a go at finishing PrehistoricCat's body swapping fic (although I wish SHE'd finish it.)  I still have a few other things I'd like to write... I had planned a fic based on the "Persistence" drabbles, one more fic where I killed Jack off horribly, and a 'Honeymoon in Vegas' fic for Alice-land after I finish "Forever."  I had a dirty little bunny about a trip to England for Alice and Hatter where they encountered a certain couple... but I am having trouble with my Hatter sharing.  His psyche simply wouldn't allow that.  However... I could  imagine all four of them getting it on in the same room, and enjoying a live action porn.  I don't know how that would play out, but I think it could still be hot.  Thoughts?

Life is life,at the moment.  My old section got me an incredible going away gift, and I'm touched beyond belief.  It wouldn't do to let them see it though.  They got me a bullwhip and mounted it in a shadowbox with a plaque.  Cool, eh?  It'll look suitably intimidating hanging over my hatbox in my new office (once I get it.)  My hatbox is a glass case with my Smokey hat in it from when I was a MTI (drill sergeant to the layman- I taught basic training.)  So far, my shadowing has consisted of me actually filling in.  Our 1st Sgt. has been out all week... Ive learned a lot, but I'm going to go nuts simply folloing someone around until I go to 1st Sgt. school in September.  Promotion results will be out March 10th, so we'll see if I get another stripe.  I'm doubtful.  Our secretary screwed up and a medal I was supposed to get didn't happen in time to be included for my promotion consideration so I'm missing out on points I desperately needed.  It's SUPER unusual to make this particular promotion the first time.  It's only 2% of the Air Force to begin with, and out of the people that do make it, average is on the 4th or 5th try.  Furious that someone's incompetence is fucking me over.  I can apply for supplemental consideration (once my medal has been awarded,) so hopefully I can make it that go around, but it's a lot of work to apply, and a longer wait to find out. *sigh*

Wow.  I guess I had some things to say.  OK, back to ficcing.  

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New chapter of 'Forever' is up.  A few less reviews than usual, but I think the author alert is getting wiggy on  I will be wrapping this up fairly soon (provided my long-winded muse allows) and then I'm starting back on an original piece.  

I got bitten by a smut bunny, and it is a strange and darkish little Conby fic.  I'm about 800 words in, and it was inspired by Wilemina's 'Scratch.' *giggles*  My working title is 'Sore Willy.'  It's a very different take on Connor crotch fic.  Poor man.  Definately suited for [ profile] conbykink .

I'm also 800 words into my "christening the flat" fic, but I have to finish "Sore Willy" first because it simply won't let go.   

On a personal note, I'm going to 1st Sgt. school in September, and I'll likely move after.  Where to?  Who knows.  Life of the military.  I should have some idea by April/May.  I'll have to sell my house which scares the crap out of me.  I cannot afford to pay for two households at once.  I may not buy again until after I retire and settle for good.  Too much stress!  Tomorrow is my last day at my shop, and next week I start following around our 1st Sgt.  The plan is for me to follow around ours plus three more for a two week period each, and then back to my own squadron to work with our 1st Sgt. until I go to school.  *sigh*

I hate not having a 'job.'  Also, won't have regular access to a computer during the work day because I won't have my own office or desk until I do my little rotation.  So, expect a more quiet me throughout the day. I am excited to learn my new job though. I think.  Maybe.

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Heehee! Hubby and I got some good deals on clearance hats. Spouse now has four new fedoras and I got a new brown fedora and a cute cloche.

I have about 600 words towards "christening the flat" fic, but I think muse might have got a wee bit crushed.  Eeep.  I am trucking away on chapter 37 of 'Forever'.  Writing out a scene that came to me like a movie... those always work well, I think.  Struggling with some plotty things, but I've got a 5 mile run on the agenda today, so I'll sort it out then.

*edit* Oh, OH! And guess what?!  1,020 reviews on 'Forever'!!!!  Wow!  Last chapter not as many as usual, but it was a bit of a transatory chapter.  This one is very action-y so I have high hopes.

Very concerned with the direction Primeval is going as far as Conby storyline. I, of couse love Andrew so as long as he was on I'll watch, but I may be wincing as I do so. I think he really didn't have time to get a reaction from Burton's bomb that he dropped. He seemed shocked, but he thought he'd be able to talk him out of it. As far as his getting emotional comment... meep. I think the wrong words came out/he's supressing. Worried.

Gah, he really got me when Abby brushes him off at the end, there. After all, he covered for her and here she is cosying up to Jess when Jess sold her out. Grr. Watch his face. Go on. Awww.
(end spoiler)

Hat pics behind the cut :) )


Jan. 8th, 2011 10:04 pm
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I no joke have got the plague.  Ok, some would call it stomach flu, but I say it is the plague.  I have pretty much slept continuously from Thursday on, and I am just now beginning to feel halfway decent.  The nausea (and product of nausea) was bad enough, but also felt like my brain cells were spontaniously combusting.  I could not FOCUS on anything.  Eeep, driving home from work was a nightmare. Thursday I had to pull over and utilize my emergency plastic bag.  I'll spare you the details.   Worse, I'm filling in for the 1st Sgt. next week (the job I'm going to be doing sometime in the near future) and I was supposed to be following him around and finding out what I needed to do for next week so I couldn't even just go home and be sick.  Friday I left early anyway because I felt THAT bad.  Hopeful I know what I'm doing well enough to fake it. 

Finally actually wanted to eat something today.  Good sign? 

Ficcing has been about non-existant because I simply can't think.  Here I'm getting caught up, then I hit a concrete wall on my Alice fic.  I think it may have something to do with the whole 'attention span of an ameoba because I'm sick' thing, but it's frustrating nonetheless.  I managed to work out some backstory, but that's not helping overmuch. *sigh* 

Here's to hoping my muse wakes up tomorrow, because she's obviously sick, too.  Gah!  I HATE not being able to write when I have time to write.  I think I'm going to go have more ice cream. *pouts*
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Finished chapter 35 of 'Forever' yesterday, and got it posted.  Also, links to the images are fixed.  Working 12 hour shifts this week so super tired and not terribly active online.  *yawn* One more day of this crap, then I get a three day weekend.

Currently working on my rough!alley!sex fic that grew off the smutty drabble tree at [ profile] conbykink . It's actually about done, but higher brain function is leaving me.  I really kinda like it though. Nice little ficlet aout 1.5K.

Um... tired. Nighty-night.

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Had a lovely time at the [ profile] conbykink  smut party, even though I had to pop in and out of it. *snickers*  I think the foundation was laid for an interesting week of adding to it, anyway.  I posted a Missing Reel to 'Forever' titled 'Hungry for You' and I think it is terribly sexy. So much smuttage this week!  Also went to work party last night. Meh.  Won a cupon, but the spawn was tired so we ended up leaving before they gave out all the door prizes.

I started filling out the angry/possesive alley sex fic that I wrote on [ profile] conbykink earlier in the week, but I need to put it on temporary pause for a Christmas fic.  Speaking of...

I want to write a fluffy Christmas fic for Connor and Abby, but I have NO idea of a plot. None.  I've got loads of other bunnies, but none that fit the fluffy/Christmas bill.  Very unusual for me, but I really am desperately seeking bunnies. 
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Yay!  Chapter 34 of 'Forever'  is now up!  I was struggling in the beginning, but then it really began to flow out quickly yesterday.  I'm proud of this one... I think it's very good.  It was one of the chapters that played out like a movie in my mind, and those always come out good.  

Next? Hmmm... perhaps a Missing Reel, or some ConbyKink smut... might do one of the prompts.  Also need to work on a Conby Christmas fic for the Christmas challenge.  

Yay!  Caught up on my writing!  Finally!
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 Um, so I should be ficcing, but I'm a little stalled on the newest chapter of 'Forever.'  I'm about 800 words in and stuck fast.  Soooo I have been wasting my ficcing time away whilst giggling madly at this site called Cake Wrecks.  I have seriously been holding my sides and crying in laughter.  NOT much helping the ficcing, but entertaining as hell.  

So I'm stuck.  *sigh*  I have one scene in my head, so I think I'll write it even though it's not in order and then hang it up and hope for inspiration to strike.  

Fic Updates

Dec. 4th, 2010 10:06 pm
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Ficcing ficcing ficcing on 'Holiday' chapter three.  Doesn't look like it'll be ready tonight, I'm afraid. :(  If it's any consolation, I think it's pretty good. :)  Bonus hurt!Connor included.  Meanwhile, have some funny.

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  Newest chapter of 'Forever' is up! Here for the lazy.  Yay!  I am quite happy with this one.  I should be! Difficult!  I rewrote a large portion of it because the little Hatters and Alices in my head disagreed.  They're happy now.

'We Need a Holiday' is next (sorry [ profile] evenstar_estel!) after I test.  I'm on a strict no ficcage diet until then.

Soooo.... my test got moved a day.  I now test on Thursday at 1 pm.  I got my wish for more study time (I SO needed it), but another day of stressing about it.  AND to top it off, all these damn spoilers!  ARGGG!  

OK.  Back to it.  Like my shiny new icon?  That's [ profile] evenstar_estel also. :)


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