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Title: Trust Is
Author:  [info]casy_dee
Rating: T
Genre: angst, action, and some sweetness
Characters/Pairing: Abby/Connor, whole team
Spoilers: Season 5
Part: 2/3
Summary:  This is part two of a Secret Santa fic for [info]squirt12345

A/N: Set after Connor confronts Abby for breaking into his lab. Oh, and it was Christmas time. Yeah. Go with it.

Part One can be found HERE

Part 2

His anger sustained him as he made his way out of the facility and halfway back home before guilt and regret washed it away. He’d not blame Abby if she was through with him. Even after he admitted he’d been an idiot, and he should have listened to her. Should have trusted her, not Philip, just like she said in her journal. They were supposed to stand together. They did things together, or not at all.

He was hit with an uncomfortable feeling of déjà vu as once again, he was stood outside the door to their flat, scared to open the door. He still couldn’t help but think that she’d only ended up with him because he’d been the only man on earth. A part of him expected her to wake up any moment and realize she’d made a mistake. His recent behavior had done much to ensure the likelihood of that scenario. He inhaled deeply and then set his jaw. Rolling in at three in the morning wouldn’t help matters, but he’d take what he had coming. He deserved it.


For a horrible long moment, he thought she’d be gone. Moved house without bothering to tell him or say goodbye.

“Connor? Working late again?” Abby murmured as she came out of the dark bedroom. Her eyes hardened as they cleared and focused upon him, “Thought you’d be staying the night at Prospero. Why’d you bother coming home?”

“Listen, Abby. I know ya never truly intended to be with me,” She was giving him that look. The one that said, you’re an idiot, Connor. He plowed on ahead before she could stop him from saying what he had to, “and I know you’re really angry with me right now… but I need to tell ya something important.”

Her brows drew together, “What is it?”

“About Philip,” he winced internally as he saw her lips thin at the mere mention of his name, “you were right.”

“What?” she moved closer to him, almost reached out for his hand before dropping it to her side again.

He saw it and grabbed her hand anyway. He wanted to touch her, he hoped not for the last time, “I trust your instincts Abby, but I didn’t want to believe that Philip was a bad man. I didn’t want to listen, and I’m sorry.”

She nodded, “It’s okay, Connor. What did you see?”

“You were so convinced he was hiding something, so I broke into his files to have a look. He was involved with Helen, and he gives not a damn about the people that are going to die as a result of his quest to be the next savior of humanity. He really believes that it is okay if hundreds of people die, because he’ll save millions… and I helped him! I helped Helen! I can’t be—“

“He’s got to be stopped,” Abby interrupted.

Connor drew in a deep breath and nodded. He couldn’t look her in the face, but he had to ask, “Is it too late for us, Abby? I know you regret—“

“Connor, I don’t. We’ve been over this.”

Connor dropped her hand and turned away, “Please don’t lie to me Abby. I’m sick of people lying to me.”

“What are you on about Connor. Look at me.”

“Your journal. I was hiding your Christmas present, and it fell out. I’d not intended to read it, but it fell open, and I saw what you wrote… about it being a mistake to let me ever stay with you in the flat, and how—“

Abby’s lips twitched up into a small smile, “Connor, stop talking.” He nodded, but his mouth opened again so she placed her finger over his lips to forestall him, “I was writing about Jack. I spoke with him today, and… it didn’t go well.”

“But, the sketch…” he countered, despite the finger on his lips.

“Yeah, because I’d let him make you homeless,” she dropped her eyes, “and, I feel better when you’re near,” she took her finger from his lips.

Connor wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, “I thought… I was sure that you were finished with me. I’ve been such an idiot. I should have listened to you.

Abby made a noise of agreement, “I don’t give up that easily. Not on you. Shut up and kiss me, Connor.”

Connor smiled slowly, then pressed his lips to hers. He sighed softly as they broke apart and rested his forehead on hers, “I have really missed that.”

Abby smiled again, “Me too.” She pulled back to look him in the face, “ We’ll tell Matt. He’ll know what to do.”

Connor scrubbed a hand over his face, “You trust Matt?”

Abby nodded, “Yes. Don’t you?”

Connor gave a bitter laugh, “My judgment is not the best, Abby.”

Abby rested her hand on his cheek, “You’re a good man, Connor. You just see the best in people, that’s all. It’s not a bad thing. It’s one of the reasons why… why I love you so much.”

Connor grinned. He couldn’t help it. Abby said him she loved him, and she wasn’t the sort to say it often. If he was facing impending death, perhaps, but not otherwise. “I love you too, Abby. We’re good then?”

Abby brushed a kiss over his lips, “Yes.” She disengaged from his embrace and started pacing, “Matt’s told me some things. He’s from the future, Connor. He was sent back here to stop it from happening.”

Connor raised his eyebrows, “You believe him?”

She nodded.

After a moment, Connor nodded his acceptance, “I think I’ve delayed him a little while. I loaded a virus and infected the database. All of the anomaly data, all the research… everything we’ve collected… it’s gone.”

She stared at him in shock. He had years of work into the research, “What about at the ARC?”

Connor smirked, “Nothing critical there,” he tapped his temple, “but I’ve got a lot of it right here. Once we sort out what we’re going to do about Philip, then I can get back to doing what I’m meant to do with it.”

“You will. I know you will.”

He wasn’t convinced, but he nodded anyway, “Yeah.” The smile faded from his face as he realized the difficulty of the task they had before them, “I think we need to find Matt and Becker. Once Philip realizes all his data is gone, we’ll need a plan. I think I’ve covered my tracks, but I was at Prospero, and he’ll likely make the connection quickly. I set the virus on a delay, so it won’t have occurred at the same time I was in the building, but…”

“But you’re in danger,” Abby continued.

“Think so, yeah.”

“Get your things. We’re going now.


A/N: So... what did you think? Please tell me. My muse needs constant feeding in order to be productive. :-D
Thanks for reading!

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