Apr. 6th, 2011

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Okay so lots of stuff.  "Forever" is finished, finally... all 171,369 words of it (plus the smutty Missing Reels.)  Not so many reviews for the final chapter.  Kinda bummed about that, especially considering that it was 6.3K words and I put loads of work into it. *sad*

I have one chapter left on my original fic, and it is in progress.  I'm going to be fluttering my eyelashes for a few friendly betas once it's done before I get brave and send it forth to the publisher.

After that, I'm starting in on [livejournal.com profile] evenstar_estel'sConby birthday fic. :)   

Ok, so the real life part.  I got picked up to go to Senior Non-Commisioned Officer Academy.  For ya'll civilian types, it a 6 1/2 week long school that is focused on upper level leadership.  I'm supposed to be learning leadership from a strategic level and all that fun stuff.  It is pretty unusual for someone like me to get to go; usually class space is reserved for those that are a rank higher than mine or are waiting to sew on the stripe for the rank higher than mine, or people that have been Master Sergeants (MSgt) for a very long time.  A portion of class space is reserved for the occasional very sharp MSgt that scored in the top 10% on the promotion test, but did not have a high enough promotion board score to actually get promoted.  That's me.  I scored higher than 95% of the people that tested, but I didn't have enough points from my records review to get me promoted. (Mostly because I have only been in 16 years and the average for the next rank is like 22 years.)

Sooo, I get a call last night.  The highest ranking enlisted guy on base (works with the base commander) had to fill a spot in this class on short notice.  He saw my name on the list of the top 10% in my career field and he knows me (because I had to interview with him for my new job and through some other work stuff) he asked if I could fill it.  Tada!  I'm in.  Class starts on Tuesday.  Yes, THIS Tuesday, and it's in Montgomery, Alabama. Luckily, I'll have internet in my room. :)  Bummer to be away from the spawn and spouse for 6 1/2 weeks though.

This is actually a very good thing for my career, and being selected means my leadership thinks I deserve promotion.  It will help me to get promoted next year, that's for sure.  Bummer about being away though.  I'm driving out on Monday... 12 hour car trip, weeeeee.  So much to do! Gah!!  


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