Jan. 20th, 2011

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New chapter of 'Forever' is up.  A few less reviews than usual, but I think the author alert is getting wiggy on ff.net.  I will be wrapping this up fairly soon (provided my long-winded muse allows) and then I'm starting back on an original piece.  

I got bitten by a smut bunny, and it is a strange and darkish little Conby fic.  I'm about 800 words in, and it was inspired by Wilemina's 'Scratch.' *giggles*  My working title is 'Sore Willy.'  It's a very different take on Connor crotch fic.  Poor man.  Definately suited for [livejournal.com profile] conbykink .

I'm also 800 words into my "christening the flat" fic, but I have to finish "Sore Willy" first because it simply won't let go.   

On a personal note, I'm going to 1st Sgt. school in September, and I'll likely move after.  Where to?  Who knows.  Life of the military.  I should have some idea by April/May.  I'll have to sell my house which scares the crap out of me.  I cannot afford to pay for two households at once.  I may not buy again until after I retire and settle for good.  Too much stress!  Tomorrow is my last day at my shop, and next week I start following around our 1st Sgt.  The plan is for me to follow around ours plus three more for a two week period each, and then back to my own squadron to work with our 1st Sgt. until I go to school.  *sigh*

I hate not having a 'job.'  Also, won't have regular access to a computer during the work day because I won't have my own office or desk until I do my little rotation.  So, expect a more quiet me throughout the day. I am excited to learn my new job though. I think.  Maybe.


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